The Disruption in Start-up and Early Staged Investing

Deal flow is certainly not an issue for investors today. Finding companies seeking outside capital has exploded in the public arena. New regulations, founders educated in the capital raising process, and the proliferation of crowdfunding platforms offer a never ending array of opportunities.

Also, reaching angel investors has never been easier than today. This disruption in the financial services market is similar to what happened with print publications, where online delivery systems changed the behaviors of market participants. Securities laws have leveled the playing field through general solicitation provisions for the marketing of equity investments, while crowdfunding platforms are offering access to accredited investors.

As wonderful as this all sounds for entrepreneurs, it creates an inherent challenge for investors. The box for receiving business plans has changed from the mailbox to the inbox. Whether contact comes through LinkedIn, crowdfunding platforms or direct - entrepreneurs are reaching you. Most of the opportunities are still works in progress, but there's a few diamonds in the rough - what's your filter?

Diversification is imperative for reasonable returns - challenge "how do I get through it all!"

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